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    Date of Birth:



         HD A, ED 0/0 ,
         eyes - clear, gonio - negative (2009)  


         BIS puppy, JCH SK, Cruft´s qualification 09


         Fall trial - 1st price, 2nd place 


         Lena Hägglund, Sweden (www.oflanagan.se)

Really long time we wanted to import new female which bring new blood to us. With Lena Hagglund we chose puppy from three litters  and decided for this combination. Rita´s pedigree is not relative to Czech Flats and is very valuable for us! Lena Hagglund said: "If super female is in the litter, she will be yourself."  Big thanks Lena for your complaisance, big trust, that you give second baby to our palms!!! You are big star in Flat´s world!

Rita 20 months old:

Rita 10 months old:


Rita 4.4.2009



Some words about Rita´s parents, pedigree etc. Wrote Lena Hägglund, kennel O´flanagan, www.oflanagan.se

Sire: SU(u)CH FINUCH Toffedreams Costa Nada "Dollar" x Dam: Camwood Hip Hip Hurray "Ripa"

Ripa is that I was happy to purchase her, she was the only female in the litter, so I was convinced that the breeders would have
kept her. Lucky enough I could have her. I had seen her mother from her young days, followed her results, admired her photos and also judged her in
Schweiz. I liked her pedigree a lot, with many well known flatcoats in GB .Combined with C Try Again Sam representing GB, Danish and continental
blood lines I was very interested to get at least one puppy from this litter, and lucky enough I ended up with both a male and a female, both able to be
used in my plans for the future.

Dollar is a lovely male, full of typical Toffedreams quality – well constructed with lots of workability. In his pedigree you can find many quality flatcoats
awarded in Field Trials and Show. These flatcoats have thrown their quality on to their offspring.

Some words from Dollars breeder, Lena Sundquist, Toffedreams kennels.

In my opinion Dollar has a nice head (even if I personally would have preferred it slightly longer). He has long, beautiful lines and is throughout
 a well built male with excellent length of neck, excellent top line and angulations in front and at rear. Significant is his powerful movements. Personally
 I could prefer him slightly shorter in loin.

He has a super temperament, always happy and kind to who ever it might be. He easily spend his time together with all dogs not matter what sex or age.
 He totally adores puppies and kindly plays with puppies. He is a devoted and active retriever, always accompanied during the autumn shootings.
He is totally quiet and calm during the passive work.

Ripa is filled with workability, power and an energetic young female. She is always happy to work no matter with what. For the moment she and Erica
are doing some agility exercise, and she will hopefully be ready for her first competition in this discipline during this year. Blood tracking and field trial is
also on the programme for 2007.

In show Ripa did extremely well already as a junior (9-15 months) resulting in several CK (är ju inte samma sak som res CC eller RCAC). Ripa
gained her first CC and BOS in the age of 17 months. For the moment we are waiting for some maturing and coat to grow out. In my opinion
 she is not yet mature enough to compete with the adult females in open class. Awaiting this we will concentrate in the above mentioned activities-

Ripa has a beautiful, well moulded head, lovely eyes, slightly big ears! She has an excellent top line and powerful, well angulated hindquarters.
Excellent lay of shoulders, slightly upright upper arm. She is short bodied with very good spring of ribs. Nice bones. Ripa has powerful movements,
parallel movements in front and at rear. In a suitable tempo she also covers a lot of ground. Ripa has an excellent coat quality and also quantity is
excellent when being in coat.

Regarding Ripa’s workability she is easily conducted/handled and with will to please. She is does excellent marking, excellent, powerful swimmer,
 really enjoying to retrieve from water. She has not yet so much routine in the free search, but working in very good speed, very good stamina
even when it gets difficult and hard. I am convinced that her free search will get better with more routine. She actively uses her nose and mainly locates
 game and dummies very fast.

Ripa has many quality flatcoats in her pedigree, both continental and British dogs. Her pedigree contains as well INT, GB and Swiss Champions,
 lines that brings a lot of new flatcoats to Scandinavia.

The pedigree of the puppies to be contains many good old flatcoat lines, from both fathers and mothers side.

We are really looking forward to this combination where we expect black and liver puppies.