NEWS 2008

I wish you all the best in the New Year 2009 to all animal´s friends and people with good heart.
29.12.2008 Update Rita´s show results.
28.12.2008 Yesterday we had last hunting day of year 2008. Dogí and Asta had nice active day.

Some photos from last hunts.

Hunt Vratimov 20.12.2008 - (Dogí, Rony)
Hunto Albertovec 13.12.2008 - (Dogí)

Update Rita´s photogallery.

28.11.2008 Hunt Olomouc - add photos -
Hunt Bludovice 15.11.2008 -
      autor copyright Tomáš Čontofalský -
Hunt Vratimov 22.11.2008 -
      autor copyright Tomáš Čontofalský-


21.10.2008 New photos of available males from litter D -

18.10.2008, National dog show Brno (CZ), judge: Petr Studeník CZ (

MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, winner´s class) - Exc1st, CAC, National winner 08!!

Bergamo Frankee Oasis of Peace (females, intermediate) - Exc3rd
Fair Play Black Brianta ( MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa x ICH CH Arctic Avalanche Black Brianta, males, puppy class) - VP 1st

Dogi - BIG 2nd on National Dog show Zabrze 08. my lovely Dogí. all the time aporting Asta.
17.10.2008 12.10.2008, NVP Zabrze (PL), judges: FCR - Jan Ryk (PL), FCI 8 - WOJCIECH BURSKI (PL), BIS Junior - MAGDALENA KOZŁOWSKA (PL)
MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, champion class) - Exc2nd, BOS, BOB, BIG 2.!!!
O´flanagan Hur mås Det (females, youth class) - Exc1nd, BOB Junior, short list BIS Junior!!!

11.10.2008, Club field trial KCHLS, Bobrůvka (CZ), judges: Antonín Doležal, Václav Kobera, František Krejčí, Martin Petr, Vladimír Semerád, Jaroslav Schejbal, Josef Slavík, Jiří Trojan
On Saturday we took our the oldest on Club field trial. We wanted to show Flat´s work and the resutls was great. Both our doggies are now INTERCHAMPIONs and Alan finished title Czech champion!

Alan ze Šidláku - 188/188b., I. price, second the best dog on trial!!! CACT!!! Thanks, Alan, you was great!!!
Asta ze Šidláku - 166/188b., III. price, limit mark gave her to III.price

3.-5.10.2008, Europan dog show Budapest (h), judge: SVEND LOVENKJAER, DK

It is normal that we goes on the biggest dog show because we want to see high quality flat coated retrievers and show are dog´s children. I am very proud that Europan dog show 2008 was successful for us! Both our dogs were placed in their class!

MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, working class) - Exc2nd, r.CAC!!!
O´flanagan Hur mås Det (females, youth class) - Exc3rd!!!

11.10.2008, OVVR trial in Prosečná
Arny Mysterious Falco (Tiffany Libošovská blata x MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa) - maximum points!

Black Rose New Rosmery is very successfuly female (SK CZ CH, JCH PL SK) but very healhy! She has HDA, ED 0/0 and DNA PRCD Clear!!!

27.-28.9.2008, International dog show České Budějovice, judge: M.Novák (SK)
Carcassonne Oasis of Peace (females, working classs) - Exc2nd
Arny Mysterious Falco (males, youth class, Tiffany Libošovská blata x MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa) - Exc1st, CAJC
5.10.2008 Thank you, my dogs, for nice results!

27.9.-28.9.2008, International dog show Tull (A), judge: Martin Odonoghue, IRL

Toffedreams Hell´s Bells (males, baby class) – VP 1st,
Lucky - 6 months old grown, well made head, good front angulation, nice lenght of body, good stifle, well put down hocks, well developed chest, nice mover, very promising
O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, working class) – Exc.2nd, r.CACA
Dogí - 5 years old, nice head, good strong neck, good top line and tailset, front angulation is very good, dood stifle, movement is good
O´flanagan Hur mĺs Det (females, youth class) – Exc.1st, Jugendbester, Cruft´s
Rita - 11 months old, lovely head and ears, wll grown for her age, good top line and tail set, good stifle, good straight hocks, well layed down, well developed ribs, front angulation is excellent, moves beautifully

21.9.2008, Club dog show Brno-Panská Lícha, CZ

Judge: Sigrid Holzer, A
Toffedreams Hell´s Bells (males, baby class) – VP 1st
O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, working class) – Exc.1st, CAC

Judge: Susanna Höger, A
O´flanagan Hur mĺs Det (females, youth class) – Exc.1st, CAJC

20.9.2008, Club dog show Brno-Panská Lícha, CZ

Judge: Susanna Höger, A
O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, winner class) – Exc.2nd, r.CAC

Judge: Viera Vítková, SK
O´flanagan Hur mĺs Det (females, youth class) – Exc.3rd
Toffedreams Hell´s Bells (males, puppy class) – VP 1st

14.9.2008, 48th national dog show Chorzów PL, judge: Boguslava Polanczyk (PL)

O´flanagan Vice Versa (males, working class) – Exc.1st, CWC, BOS
O´flanagan Hur mĺs Det (females, youth class) – Exc.1st, CAJC

14.9.2008, Regional dog show, Dolní Benešov, CZ

Cassay Oasis of Peace (males, youth class) – Exc.1st, winner of youth class

Our Dogí, O´flanagan Vice Versa, was entry on big retriever´s trial „III. Jihočeské derby retrívrů“ – club field trial + club water trial. Both days he was in first price and got CACT!!!!!!!!! Judges complimented his nice work in reeds, the best marking of Saturday and the best leading of both days. Thank you, Dogí!

22.-24.8.2008, „III. Jihočeské derby retrieverů“ with titles CACT a r.CACT – club water trila, club field trial, Vlkov

Judges: Radka Vondrová, Fišer Václav, František Bárta, Pavel Sochor, Josef Ouzký, Karel Kieweg, Ing. Jan Horyna, Miroslav Šafařík

O´flanagan Vice Versa - PZ 1st price, SZVP 1.price, CACT !!!!!! 304b.
14.8.2008 Our puppies are waiting for new home.
As soon as possible you find will find here many new photos! Some of them now.


Dogí is father again!

30.7.08 were born 2 males and 6 females in kennel New Rosmery - !
2.8.08 were born 5 males and 8 females in kennel Saffron Lane - !

Dogí´s son Amadeus Maminčino štěstí got nice title on regional dog show Exc 1st and Regional winner! Congratulation and many hugs to his nice breeder and owner! 

New photos of litter D!!!

28.7.2008 Welcome my small Lucky boy!

Since i had a problem with my old e-mail box I start a new (if you did not get my answer on your e-mail, try it again):

Litter D has own page.
Dogí´s wife, Iris z Kroukartí (HD A, ED 0/0), waiting for big litter :). Breeders´ contact: Miroslav Slavík, Kateřina Procházková,, 00420 724 765 161, skype: mirekslavik
Some puppies from very nice litter are available! Mother is very pretty CH JCH 11xBOB Sniffens Forest Willow and father our Dogí. Both parents have HD A, ED 0/0 and eyes clear! Breeder´s contact: , 0048/14/6212617 .
2 males and 1 female are available in kennel Bohemia Stratos in Prag, mother is Iris z Kroukartí (HD A, CAC, CACIB, BOB, Winner of special dog show). Contact: Angelika Houdková, , tel: 00420 777 660 366
27.6.2008 Adélka and Nordus have 4 males and 8 females (2 females have liver colour) ! We are biiiig family :)
23.6.2008 Asta and Certo have 7 males and 5 females. Their photos you can see here -

5.5.2008 Carcassonne Oasis of Peace won trial OVVR, she was 10 months old and made it with maximum points!

28.4.2008 Asta was mated! We are waiting for her last litter! More information here.
21.4.2008 12.-13.4.2008, National dog show Ostrava (CZ), judge: MVDr. Jindřiška Bendová (CZ)

Alan ze Šidláku - (male, winner´s class) - Exc1st, CAC

O´flanagan Hur mås Det - (female, baby class) - VP 1st

Carcassonne Oasis of Peace - (female, youth class) - Exc3rd

10.4.2008 I am very sorry for late update!

New photogallery - hunt Albertovec 25.1.2008

22.-23.3.2008, International dog show in Prag + Cruft´s Qualification!, judge: Raita Ritva (FIN) -
The judge was very severe and it was much bigger pleasure that big youth class won Basilej Brixie Oasis of Peace and second was her sister Babylon Bessy Oasis of Peace. Brixie completed title Junior champion of Czech Republic! Great day!

Basilej Brixie Oasis of Peace - (female youth class) - Exc1st, CAJC
Babylon Bessy Oasis of Peace - (emale youth class) - Exc2nd

29.-30.3.2008, National dog show Nitra (SK)
One weekend later and next super result! Rozárka won her second CAJC!

Black Rose New Rosmery - (female, youth class, CH CZ Oria z Vlčích stepi x MultiCH Dual Purpose O´flanagan Vice Versa) - Exc1st, CAJC

Basilej Brixie Oasis of Peace is not only showing girl but working too, she made trial ZZO as her mother some years ago.

Dogi is father again and mother of  7 males and  5 females is Ch. ARCTIC AVALANCHE BLACK BRIANTA.

It is big pleasure for me that I can show you new Dogi´s girlfriend: Dixie od Krásné paní. She has got r.CACIB from Mrs. Raita Ritva 14 days ago. She has few CAC, r.CAC, BOB and one nice title Winner of special dog show. She has HD A and is very well aporting Flat. I wish you, Dixie, good puppies and the best homes for them!

25.2.2008 Update Dogi´s offsprings.
18.2.2008 New Rita´s photos in her gallery.

MultiCH Daul Purpose O´flanagan Vice Versa want to show his wifes :) .
For more information contact me or female´s owners (contact on their webpages).


1) 6.3. 2008 will born puppies in kennel Black Brianta. Mother is beautiful Artic Avalanche Black Brianta (HD B). She has titles JCH SR, Club winner HRK 07, Club winner KCHLS 07, Cruft´s qualificaton 08, 11xCAC, 4xBOB, 3xCACIB! "Viky´s" father is ICH, MultiCH Almanza Highway Robbery and mother very successful and nice female CH MultiCH Aura ze Soutockého Luhu. "Viky´s" daughter from her first litter is very beautiful female Carnival Night Black Brianta (HD A) - she is one from my favourites flats.

2) In May 2008 we expect Dogi´s puppies with really beautiful Sniffens Forest Willow! This super female with nice pedigree has titles JCH PL, CH PL, 4x youth´s winner, 13xCWC, 11xBOB, 2xCACIB, BOG...! She has HD A, ED 0/0 and eyes: clear. Willow is still aporting and love swimming. Willow´s mother is nice FinCH, EstCH TrCH Pikestar´s Summer Shot a father is ICH, FinCH, EstCH Sniffens Metsavirna!

3) Second litter in May we expect in kennel New Rosmery. Mother of the litter is CZ CH Oria z Vlčí stepi (HD A). On shows she got title Czech champion and 2xBOB, 2xCACIB, National winner... She has trials - OVVR, ZV, PZ and is use in hunting praxe. From her last litter (father is our Dogí too) I would like to write name of their very promising daughter Black Rose New Rosmery, on her last show and her first show in youth class she got Exc1st and CAJC.  "Oria´s" father is Ch, Ch CZ, Ch SK, Working champion Black Amandas Jolly Good Fellow - Club winner 2002, BIS Praha 2001, BIS České Budějovice 2002, Europan winner - 2003 and mother is Blatnice z Vlčích Luk.

11.2.2008 New photos in Rita´s pedigree!!!

Some show´s news :)

9.-10.2.2008, International dog shows Brno (CZ), judge: Marián Novák (SK) 
Afluent of Beauty Oasis of Peace (females, open class) - VG
Basilej Brixie Oasis of Peace (females, youth class) - Exc 3nd
Antonio Maminčino štěstí (males, youth class, Multi CH O´flanagan Vice Versa x Akita od Lomnických vod) - Exc 2nd
Cora of Bohemia Luxyvett (females, working class, TJH Yarowl Yigges Yabba the Hut x CH CZ Arinka od Dubenských rybníků) - Exc 1st, CAC, CACIB  , Big congratulation, you are so nice! Thank you!

26.-27.1.2008, International dog show Trenčín (SK), judge: Ahrens (A)
Black Rose New Rosmery (females, youth class, CH CZ Oria z Vlčích stepi x MultiCH O´flanagan Vice Versa) - Exc 1st, CAJC

12.-13.1.2008, National dog show Olomouc (CZ), judge: Ing. František Korda (CZ)
Basilej Brixie Oasis of Peace (females, youth class) -  Exc 1st, CAJC
Amadeus Maminčino štěstí (males, youth class, Akita od Lomnický vod x Multi CH O´flanagan Vice Versa) - Exc 1st, CAJC
Antonio Maminčino štěstí (psi, třída mladých, Akita od Lomnický vod x Multi CH O´flanagan Vice Versa) - VG 2nd
Cora of Bohemia Luxyvett (feny, třída pracovní, CH CZ Arinka od Dubenských rybníků x TJH Yarowl Yigges Yabba the Hut) - VG 2nd


31.1.2008 Some news on Rita´s page.
25.1.2008 Welcome Rita!!!
22.1.2008 19th January we took our dogs on hunt in Albertovec, in gallery you can see new and nice photos, thank you Aleš Holásek for them!
16.1.2008 Our family is bigger with new import!!! More information soon.
9.1.2008 New link of Witches´ Brew´s kennel

Jezus gave me wonderful present, i had tears in my eyes. I got cold stones which warm my heart every day. Thank you!



We give to Asta´s, Dogí´s and Sasha´s gallery new and older photos.